The opening reception will take place in Chelsea, New York City on April 25th, 2019 at 6 pm

The show will be on display until May 2nd, 2019

All 2019 submissions will be digitally displayed during the opening ceremony! 



Fine Art/Mixed Media


No Name

27,803 nails thrown onto the surface of the work and trace where ever each nail came to rest

42" x  46" 


"My work of drawing on canvas is an exploration of process, rules-based art.  This procedure is comprised of a formula of specific actions based upon a variable circumstance and can be rooted in computer-based algorithmic if…then statements.  These procedural mandates are instituted from the beginning of a work and continue through its completion.  The formula can dictate, structure, color, composition, scale, and interior or exterior values.  The formula not only controls my actions as the artist but likes organizes either the component parts of a (dismantled) object or the component parts of a single used dictionary.

When the dictionary is put into play, I transcribe definitions from the 1979 Unabridged Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary.  I create dense, layered images of handwriting or convert letters of the definition into their numeric counterpart and proceed through the formula with the use of that number as a means moving through the whole of the image.  Primarily, the most used component is nails, an extension of the dismantled object,
tracedandsometimeslabeled.  Other works have included individual stitches from an entire embroidery, every part of a motorcycle, electric organ or a parts manual of a 50-caliber
machine gun, to name a few. " 

The Arrival

40" x 60"


Mr. Poirier's professional life has been shared by the world of education as an educator and co-author of educational books, as well as in the world of the arts, as an artist-painter, musician, sound technician and director-designer.


"At the beginning of each creation, I think about how to place the first streams of colors on the canvas, but very quickly the rational gives way to spontaneous gestures.

Throughout the creation, I improvise. I instinctively adjust myself to the colors
and shapes that appear on the canvas. Each step of creation becomes a source of inspiration.

It is the creative process that guides me and allows me to create original environments."


Matera, Italy

51" x 29"

Black & white photography and acrylic colors in collaboration with artist Giorgio Casu


My photographs of architecture and life in the city have gained great acclaim, especially a recent series

I live and operate in New York City.

"I'm Italian by blood, Architect by training, and Photographer by heart. A visual storyteller, weaving narratives through people’s movements and emotions.
taken during the Winter Storm Jonas in winter 2016. The rich, deserted winter cityscapes capture an enchanting side of New York City often obscured in modern times, and offer another glimpse of what makes New York such a unique place.

My photos are tied to the people and their environment, their movements and emotions, I'm interested in those little quirks that connect us as humans. It's that sort of mundane daily things I want to document, and slowly it became a daily routine for me. It makes the world a little closer, especially in New York City."

Digital Art

What is the soul...?​

Digital sublimation print on aluminum


Kito Mbiango is a Flemish-Congolese painter and mixed media artist who divides his time between Brussels, New York, and Miami.  His paintings and digital creations blur cultural boundaries, with Mbiango finding inspiration in scientific and esoteric concepts, vintage photographs and cartography. He transforms this material into a new visual language in which colors, textures, and geometry are used to reflect the eternal dance between man, woman and nature.

Mbiango implicitly understands the importance of finding a visual voice or resonance. He does so by a focused meditation on a particular theme. He transfers and blends symbols and images onto fabric, canvas, wood and through a new sublimation process, which infuses inks in different layers of varnish onto lightweight aluminium, creating transcendent and luminescent works of art. Each medium he uses involves meticulous studies of layering and light, evoking ancestral spirits and voyages through time.

Mbiango seeks to create experiences of connection and incite waves of action on the leading evolutionary challenges of our time - climate change and social justice. Integrating his heritages and cultural exposure, he explores themes encompassing memory, history and socio-political realities. Reflecting a collective yearning for transcendence, his universal tapestries excite the imagination by crossing and blurring cultural borders between Eastern and Western spheres of influence. The sensitivity of his work stems from Mbiango's African roots -- his father was President of the Supreme Court of Congo while his mother served as a nurse.

His work is both a reflection of history as well as a visceral snapshot into infinity as Mbiango gathers both his art and its viewer into a deeply spiritual achievement. His grandmother who trained as a master in the Japanese art of ikebana opened Kito’s eyes to the geometry of nature, which is central to his work. Together, they shared a passion for geology and collecting minerals in his early childhood years. This rich cultural exposure has led to a deep veneration for the land, indigenous wisdom and how it should inform our collective future. He pays tribute to timelessness - where imagination and reality intersect.

The unifying themes of light and resonance emerge in Mbiango’s complex layering and embellishment of colors, textures, and geometric patterns, which echo the golden spiral of existence. His work speaks nostalgically to the viewer’s primal intelligence and seeks to engage us in a conscious reflection about our collective evolution.

Mbiango was born in Brussels in 1966. He has mastered his own technique utilizing multiple production methods including image transfer and mixed media assemblage, applied meticulously by hand. He was awarded a fellowship for his Climate Change Collection by The Institute for the Future (Palo Alto, CA) and he has collaborated with both the private and public sectors in their global advocacy work, including BNP Parisbas, The World Bank’s Climate Investment Fund (CIF), The United Nations, The World Economic Forum, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Women Deliver, UNICEF, UN Women and The David Lynch Foundation. His work has been acquired by various corporate institutions, non-profit organizations and prestigious private collections.


95 cm x 85 cm



The "Fate of Gypsy" project is a rare collection of monumental sculptures, metal-melted reliefs, paintings and drawings inspired by the Roma's people. New York-based artist, Stoian Valkov has been developing this project since the 90s, after receiving Master of Arts diploma from Institute of Fine Arts at the University of Marie-Curie Sklodowska in Lublin, Poland. Valkov is also a top-notch professional welder and artistic finisher with unique experience in larger-scale sculptures. Among them were giant sculptures of ''Maman'' spider and "Eyes'' by legendary French artist Louise Bourgeois, made in the last period of her life.  During the work at New York's Modern Art Foundry,  Valkov played an important role in terms of special welding techniques and construction method implementation of these artworks.

The ''Fate of Gypsy'' collection refers to his family roots and the Roma people, for whom life is a constant journey, without a country or any place of their own.

Untitled 1

(from The Human Series Collection)

17" x 37" x 10"


Las Nubes de Allá

"Clouds from There"

Rumpled sphere.



My work creates healing

There is a special feeling that I get when I look at things. We live surrounded by objects that exist in different dimensions, shapes, and materials. Every material speaks a unique language; when we look at things, light reveals their message. My work creates healing, 
artifacts that can be read with light. They talk through their surface. I use form, dimension, texture, color, opacity, and reflection as ways to give voice to materials. The works speak to truths beyond themselves.



I have been making cross-section sculptures for the past 4 years. My series “Below the Surface” is a

visual metaphor showing buried secrets, repressed emotions, and furtive actions which determine the

results we see in the open.

My favorite material to carve is high-density foam, which I coat with a custom cement. I modify the

surface and insert objects onto the cement and continue to sculpt the surface as it hardens.

Foundering Liberty

Wall Hanging Sculpture


Us Trace



I Chin Lin


Originally from Taipei, Taiwan. I Chin is a Brooklyn based professional individual with a Bachelor’s Degree focused on Photography and Printing Methods, and a  Master’s Degree in Package Design. I Chin currently works as a retoucher.

I feel emotional, when I sense your present physically, mentally. I heard that song whispering in the background gently, softly, You trace me with your  fingertips, leaving nothing but your fingerprints. If love has a scent, I know it smells like you.




"A person as a part of a large society is born with an open, pure heart, and, in spite of global external changes of the surrounding world, the essence of humanity, in general, remains constant. We do feel, we do wonder about hard decisions, we do worry about closest people, we do love.


I’m fascinated to explore such a side of society as vulnerability – as a bareness of the soul. It’s a truly beautiful part of every human. Vulnerability most clearly reveals in moments of loneliness, in moments when we are left alone in front of nature, when there is silence inside us when we have a possibility to disconnect from the world. 

There is a strong concentration on deep experiences which we carry through our lives, and they help us. We try to listen to the inner voice, to avoid the influence of society and politics. It is necessary to maintain a balance between ourselves and the chaotically changing world. Because the best way to live life is to act as tells our heart."

All non-winning submissions will be displayed in a digital show during the opening ceremony on April 25th, 2019

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