We received submissions from more than 24 countries and are happy to announce the 2017 F The Art World International Art Competition Winners. 

fine arts/mixed media


"My work is an attempt to document, in a very honest way, feelings or emotions that are experienced from a life devoted to solitude and introspection. The use of self-imagery in many of my pieces helps to further reinforce this idea. The closely cropped format serves to eliminate all areas surrounding the figure, giving greater attention and emphasis to a particular gaze or body gesture which expresses these emotions most clearly."

Digital Arts


"My art is an alchemical adventure into the mysteries of my own philosophy, beliefs, and values. For me, studio practice is an intellectual activity, both on my part as the creator, and on the part of the viewer as translator of the experience. As a result, I try to place mental inquiry at the heart of each image I create. I consciously place symbolic interactions and connections within the objects populating my theatrical sets, and encourage viewers to build their own narrative interpretations of these connections. I attempt to arrange the elements in my images in a way that connects a pivotal object or theme with association, symbolism, and metaphor. For me, the enclosed space of the visual image is a cerebral theatre populated by realistic sets, objects, and figures which when combined with intention, offer challenging enigmas. I intend that the viewer will engage with the work, note surfaces, relationships, symbols, and metaphors, and will then construct personal meaning from the engagement. As this style develops, I want to explore more innovative methods of object construction in virtual environments and the integration of more traditional forms with digital output. Like all studio-based languages of imaginative possibility, I have merely begun the journey of building and refining my own visual syntax and grammar of cerebral imagination. Each of my works is a record of that journey."


"I am a Japanese sculptor. I want to convey my thoughts to people with the fun of Japanese, daily familiar doubts, and how to put them in three-dimensional objects. "Japanese word play" in Japanese sometimes creates new things that I have not seen. And by looking at familiar doubts new ideas are born. As such, we aim to make things like turning discovery switches on people.

"Hercules big helmet" was bornfromJapaneseword play, "Fish head series" was born out of appreciation for the disposal of living things and food. Moreover, I think there are still many new discoveries about the interests of Japanese language. We will continue pursuing new stereoscopic expression to convey the interest andcultureofJapanese language. States period had been wearing head. At that time the author realized. The original appearance of the things born by a helmet-shaped beetle down the origin of the name. This helmet is born from such wordplay".warringThis motif is a "beetle". The origin of the name of the beetle comes from the resemblance to the shape of the Kabuto Samurai battle at





"When I saw the Mona Lisa in person for the first time I could not help but feel underwhelmed. I knew the face of the woman staring back at me but the intimacy was lost. I concluded that this was because I have seen her face repeatedly on TV and computer screens, which had become my definitive image of the painting.

So I explored the positives and negatives of viewing oil paintings in this format; the celebration of accessibility, the image breaking out of the confines of the elites’ private collections and free for all with the internet.

The poignant change of the image, by being framed in the mundane and to a scale the artist never intended."

Graphic Design


 "The submitted posters are a part of the eight poster series that is built around the difference between theory and reality using some usual social/political terms that were, throughout time, pushed upon us. In more precise words, the idea for this series of posters was conceived a few years back, when the media in my country was paying tribute to the October Revolution of 2000 and despite this time distance, the posters still somehow show the current situation as being exactly the same. While the posters carry the titles of those particular terms we are all familiar with in theory, the completely opposite image on the posters displays the utterly different reality outcome.

Going 17 years back the allegedly positive road of changes, crowned by these symbolic terms throughout this time, the posters, in reality, critically follow the chronologies of failure to essentially receive, understand and, finally, apply the social changes without falling into the trap of hypocrisy. Revolution, Transition, Democracy, Integration, Tolerance, Recession, Inheritance, Freedom were just some of the fake milestones that different governments have tried to impose upon us, whilst we ended up with a different and negative outcome.

One more sad and, at the same time, threatening fact is that my country is neither the first nor the last one to suffer the consequences of these kinds of artificially implemented changes. Even though not all of these countries went through all of the symptoms, some of them did, and suffered even greater and more severe, unmentioned consequences. Therefore, the repeating pattern was and is the foundation for the series of posters carrying he title REcipieNT, formed from the prefix: RE - for repetition, and words: RENT - as the system of demagogy was moved from government to government, country to country as was rental, and we were all just the RECIPIENTS of that virus.
Specialthanksgoes to Babushke Studio for Balkan tiposistem by Marija Juza & Nikola Đurek, Typonine Font Foundry. 

Honorable Mention


"My artwork takes a critical and sometimes whimsical view of social, political and cultural issues. I juxtapose familiar images into unique and slightly uncomfortable images challenging the viewer to see things in a different context. I dare to deconstruct the American dream. The things we find sacrosanct in our childhood and adult life are all fair game. No subject is out of bounds. My work reproduces familiar images from history, modern day culture and even our formative years and arranges them into new conceptually layered pieces.

Each piece uses a variety of mediums and processes; I try and leverage every medium that can be mastered and some that are still just out of reach. Although there may not always be material similarities between the different projects they are linked by recurring concerns through the subject matter. The subject matter of each body of work determines the materials and the forms of the work.

Some projects consist of multiple works, often in a range of similar media, grouped around specific themes and meanings, others are single works created as a standalone statement."


Miwael as a painter of portraits, animals, landscapes and some political or social occurrence from her images.

"I am trying to dive into the inconsistence of our world by creating artworks of portraits, animals, landscapes and some political or social occurrence. I believe that the further you explore my creative adventure, the more intense the experience gets.

In my artwork "Biological father and foster father” I would like to express the inconsistence in our world by painting characters as a modern Icon. One of them, the man on the right is a biological father to the cat and the one on the left, is a foster father to the cat. It is a little complicated, but this just enough inconsistence as we have in our world".




"These photographs visually interpret my private thoughts. They speak of abandonment, struggles with affection, and self-deprecation.

The obscurity in my work reflects the uncertainty of how I view myself, and the peculiarities I see in those close to me.

"Ceaseless" is a self-referential image born from my struggles with extreme anxiety. Seemingly never ending, my apprehension and unease linger despite my efforts to keep their control over myself unacknowledged".

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